Employee Engagement Is The Key To Customer Loyalty

Every business needs engaged employees to cement customer loyalty. An engaged employee has an emotional connection to the organization he is working for and is ever willing to use everything within his capabilities to further the organization’s goals. Such an employee is the best brand advocate you can have as he will give customers memorable services enthusiastically.

Research has proven that engaged employees are the unsung heroes and heroines behind a company’s revenue growth. Additionally, these employees are the reason you keep getting referrals and repeat clients. They give your customers an experience that leaves them with no other option other than to be loyal to your product(s) and/or service(s). If you lack engaged employees then be ready to cough out cash for adverts which are not as effective as quality customer care despite their hefty budgets. However, experts like Edenred can guide you come up with the best motivational program. Visit http://www.edenred.com.sg for more information.

As you set up a customer rewards program, remember that engaged employees will bring these positives to your organization.

Low absenteeism and high retention rates

Imagine losing your best employee to your worthy competitor. Things are worse if you are a venture that directly deal with clients and the said employee had an admirable customer record. He is likely to leave with his trusted customers and in some cases with a section of disengaged employees.

Luckily, this mess can be rectified by having engaged employees. Once your human resource team is able to have a clear employee forecast, your business is likely to grow. Additionally, there will be low absenteeism rates thus the general output will increase and those who leave unceremoniously will not soil company’s image.

Natural motivation

Lucky is you who is able to have a naturally motivated worker. The employee will put in all her skills because she perceives the employment as part of her duties to achieve self-actualization. Work becomes a part of their personality as opposed to being a source of income. If you think this is an easy and non-issue, ask any investor who has unmotivated workers. You will invest time and money yet nothing might be realized. Appreciate naturally motivated employees.

Increased productivity

This is the ultimate goal for any firm seeking to maximize profits. The effect of engaged employees on increased productivity has been supported by various studies. The percentage increment has been found to be more than 40%. As productivity sky rockets, there is time created for other activities. Some of the other activities that can done during this extra time is team building as well as customer visitation.

A 40% productivity is a lucrative deal that no investor can let go. It is what you need to beat your equal as well as smaller competitors. The only price you will have to pay is improving the motivation of employees so that it feel part of your company.

Increased profitability and revenue

According to a measure by Sears, you will have a 1.3-point customer satisfaction if your employees have a 5-point attitude improvement. This translates to an amazing 0.5% revenue rise. Other studies have established that companies with engaged employees are likely to double their annual net income compared to their counterparts with less motivated employees.

What is the relationship between customer loyalty and employee engagement?

There are three major relationships between how engaged your employees are and how loyal your clients will be. The above facts coupled up with a modern rewards program will give grant lifetime customers. If your human resource team works to refine these findings then your sales will always hit the ceiling.

Better brand experience

If your employee is engaged then be assured that he will love the product that he is selling. He will be professional when dealing with your clients. Giving extra details that drive up sales based on varying customer needs will be an easy task to him. He will generally praise the company and the products on offer.

All your workers should be engaged enough to show rare expertise in your area of specialization. Monetata put the percentage of successful sales after a good customer experience at 73% backed this employee-centered sales process.

It is also obvious that engaged employees will respond to customer queries in a more accurate manner. They will make your clients experience a stress-free shopping. This makes customers love your brand and will ever come back when they need a product or service you provide.

Best customer service

Customer service is the backbone of any business because without customers, you will definitely shutdown and sack your employees. Engaged employees will always have time to attend to your clients. They will do anything within their means to make sure that customers leave your shop happier than they came in. One of the ways such treasured stakeholders in your organization achieve this is setting realistic expectations for customers and ensuring that they are met timely.

If those that connect your entity to the outside world treat customers in the right manner, you increase customer loyalty by approximately 10-30%. This can be best explained by John Goodman’s publication, ‘Strategic Customer Service’.

Improved customer focus

Mere customer care does not mean that you are truly customer focused. A customer-focused business must understand its clients and prioritize their needs. This is only possible if you have a team of engaged employees. This group will make sure that your customers feel valued and special besides being given the best customer care. Once they notice that you are not out to meant money from them, they will ever come to you when need arises.

What need to be done to employees so that they remain engaged, increase customer loyalty?

After going through this golden business secret you should be asking yourself what need to be done to the engaged employees so that they continue expanding your business empire without spending an extra cent. Keep them motivated via a well-structured reward program just like you reward your loyal clients.

In conclusion, engaged employees will help your entity will never be absent without a valid reason. They will be motivated naturally but always approach experts like Edenred so that you get professional advice on the best customer and employee motivation. It is worth noting, that motivation is all you need to drive up sales and in turn revenue. Moreover, your brand visibility will improve as the customers get the best service, which will keep them coming. The loyalty of a customer will keep you selling and getting referrals will be as easy as taking a cup of your favorite juice.

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