At a Glance

This is a blogging platform with a sole purpose of offering information about personal growth in the financial sector.By making increasing the finance ,economics and accounting literacy to our readers.

Our History

Started 2 years ago after realizing how people faced challenges in financial planning.Having a finance background i realized how many people find it hard to understand financial concepts such as budgeting,taxation,savings,investments and other fields of wealth management and growth. We have grew our readers base from 50 people that read the first blog to over a hundred thousand people in our readers community.We are committed to making the next generation be more have a more wealth creation mindset rather than spending mentality mindset.

What We DO

We cover different topics in the finance sector and also equip our readers with financial skills which they may think are difficult to understand.We do this by breaking difficult accounting and finance concepts into simple applicable methods they can use in their day to day lives. Practical examples help people to know their actual financial position and make a frame work towards attainment of their goals regardless of much they make.Example is showing people importance of budgeting to achieve your targets:If a person a is earning $7000 but spends $8000 in a month they will have a liability of $120000 in one year while person b earning $4000 but saves $500 in a month will have a savings of $60000 in one year.
Such practical examples encourage people to understand its not how much one earns that determines their financial growth but how they plan for what they have earned that matters.

Our key Publications

We put up blogs based on factors such as how different markets are showing their financial projections in the future after doing extensive research and advise the readers so that they can choose their most ideal investment depending on ones individual based on their most ideal topics that we cover.
We also have what we call “a reading series” this is where we have put a series of blogs in an arranged manner covering different topics that the reader would want to have an in depth understanding of specific finance skills and economics,this may include taxation,mortgaging,bonds and other financial skills such as basic accounting or reading financial statements.